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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014
7:50 pm
RIP Grandma
Rest In Piece to my Grandma "Geraldine Hayes", she passed away at 5:30 on Monday night, this was my last Grandparent

but you know the old saying, the show must go on

now on to smiles and bitching

-Monster Burger
-Frisco Burger
-lunch makers
-watched old Simpson's episodes
-American Pickers
-TNA Wrestling in a few minutes

-stupid people

I'll try to have a nice day

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, October 30th, 2014
12:17 pm
3 year Annirversary of Big Lee's Halloweenathon
tonight's the night that I do my 3rd Halloweenathon "kind of a ripoff from Scream 4 on their Stabathon"

The Halloweenathon is something I started back in 2012 where I watch all three House On Haunted Hill movies on Halloween Eve and watch all ten Halloween movies on Halloween day while eating reese's candy and drinking Dr. Pepper "or any drink like Dr. Pepper, this year it'll be Save-A-Lots version Dr. Pop" this year, since I watched both of these movies around Halloween, I decided to add House Of A 1000 Corpse and Devil's Rejects to the Halloweenathon right before I do the original House On Haunted Hill

anyway, this is how I'm celebrating Halloween these days, everybody that still gets on LJ, have a Happy Halloween and I'll try to have a nice day
Friday, September 19th, 2014
5:58 pm
todays topic
-watched Pawn Stars
-ate Taco Bell
-watched more Pawn Stars
-went to sleep

-woke up
-went to Hucks
-went to work
-went to Enterprise to return the rental car
-went to Mills to get my car
-ate Rally's
-went home
-waiting for Smackdown! to start

-baconzilla burger and baconzilla fries
-chocolate milkshake

-stupid people

I'll try to have a nice day
Thursday, September 18th, 2014
6:36 pm
another day
last night
-watched American Pickers
-watched TNA Impact
-went to sleep

-woke up
-went to work
-went home
-going to sleep after I'm done

-cherry ski

-stupid people
-tooth ache

I'll try to have a nice day
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
4:57 pm
Today's topic
-woke up
-watch Married With Children
-went to work
-got home
-ate Burger King
-now waiting for TNA Impact

-Big Bang Theory
-Married With Children
-BK stacker

-idiot co-workers

I'll try to have a nice day
Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
6:03 pm
coming back to LJ
I decided to start posting on LJ for the first time since June 2010, a lot of things have changed over the last four year, unfortunately, a new president isn't one of them, because I'd rather bitch about Rompney over that Muslim piece of crap, but anyway, now about me, I now have a couple of cats, a white cat with brown spots that me and Tina found in Leavenworth IN at the Pilot gas station along exit 92 on I-64, I adopted it and named her Bermuda, and Tina and Rob moved out of the apartments that they were living in, and they had to get rid of their cat Garfield, so I adopted him as well, as far as wrestling is concern, I'm only traveling to 1 show these days which is UWA Underground Wrestling Alliance in Clarksville IN., and I'm still working for CCW, I'm no longer editing DVDs, my laptop's been pissing me off, so I'm no longer fucking with that, I worked for XCW for Mitch Ryder and then Danny Walker took over, then Walker retired so no XCW for now, and when XCW ended, Christian Skyfire & Cage Kuttler began their Evolution Pro Wrestling which I worked for until they got a new camera, so I stepped a few months later, I also worked for Sam Cosby's Strictly Nsane Pro Wrestling until earlier this year when Sam called me up and tells me he can't have any of his workers working for EPW, so I quit his show as well, Insanity Pro hasn't had a show in a long time "I'll probably never go back to it, especially if Jeremy Hadley would be there, he said something on facebook that I'll never forgive," NEW Era Wrestling's still up and running, I only attended 2 show within the last two years, the first time heading back to town two deer ran out in front of my car, I manage to miss the first one and the second hit it's head the side of my car leaving a dent, the second time I headed back to town a hail storm was going on between Washington and Evansville on I-69, AWF pretty much merged into IWA-Unlimited, I haven't been to IWAU yet, I now own the two yellow AWF banners we used to hang up at the shows, as soon as I get a house, I'm going to hang them up on the walls, the car I was driving from 2009, the radiator went almost 3 years later, so now I'm driving a 2012 Hyundai that my mom got me for my birthday that year

now going old fashion
-Married With Children "that show never gets old"
-Tyler Black, Double C, Jon Moxley and Rudy Charles in WWE
-horror movies
-watching all the Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel episodes on Netflex in the order all the events took place
-Netflex & Amazon
-Are You Afraid Of The Dark is available on Amazon
-Halloween is coming close

-JC Bailey
-Joe Bailey
-Brain Damage "never met him, but I was a big fan of his"
-Larry Sweeney
-Sean O'haire

-people getting dumber everyday

-woke up
-watched Married With Children
-went to work
-ate at Wendy's
-got home

I'll try to have a nice day
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
7:22 pm
updating some shit on here again
I don't know if anybody gets on journal anymore, probably not even my main to readers "Mark Wolf and Nick Maniwa" but rather they still read or not, I am going to start updating some shit on here again, sometimes random, I plan to do a "What I've Learned" sigment for shows like Family Guy and South Park "an idea I got from this B-Rated movie review site http://www.badmovies.org " I also plan to list my top 20 scariest movie characters I can think of as soon as I know what they are and have pictures of them to post
Monday, June 7th, 2010
11:18 pm
best Raw in a long time
WWE Raw was awesome tonight, all 8 NXT Rookies attacking everybody in sight, it was funny as hell when the cameras were showing concern and shocked fans after the attacks were done
"who takes wrestling seriously anymore?"

-I was on the show last Saturday after the main event, after Jon Moxley retained his IPW title against Aaron Williams, Jimmy Jacubs runs in on Moxley, I joined in on the locker room & security to help hold these two back from each other

I'm going to Michigan in three weeks, Tina and Robb broke up and Tina's starting a new life and moving up in Michigan, and I'm hauling her up there, and then I'm traveling a lonely 8 hour drive back to Evansville "if I come back to town late at night and crash my car into a "Welcome to Evansville" sign, and step out of the car and say "Home Sweet Home"" that would be awesome "just like Spike returning to Sunnydale off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Lovers Walk after Drusilla breaks up with him" that's the heartbreak of my dreams right there

I'll try to have a nice day
Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
12:58 pm
page one ends from September 2007, I must've gotten a life sooner than I expected
hell yeah, I'm booked up the ass in wrestling schedules in the next two weeks, IPW last Saturday, XCW Mid-West last night, CCW tonight, NEW returns to Shelbyville IN this Saturday for the first time since October 2007 "their last show was on my birthday, and that was an awesome gift" CCW again next Wednesday, WXCW the next night

New Focus Wrestling
-I quit security at the last show, some stupid bitch threw a twissler at Guido Andretti, which got them into an argument, I get in between them, and that bitch had the nurve to yell at me, so I thought "fuck you, if he beats the living fuck out of you, I'm going to let him" I felt like punching that bitch myself, so I quit Security before I ended up doing so, I'll still help with the crew, another security guard the whole show all together, so only three people working security in NFW

-Pondo was bad-mouthing at the end of the show, he was still going on as security started taking down the ring, pissing off these fat women in the front row, they all stormed out of the building

-after we were done with the ring crew, this one guy, I don't know if he's a trainee or working on getting into training, but he was taking chops from everybody, his chest was purple, Dustin Rayz chopped him across his belly-button and there was Dustin's hand-print, and at the same time, Dustin and Irish Airborn gave him a triple chop across his back

I think that's all my wrestling stories at the moment

other then that, I talked to Misty, she got out two weeks ago, I didn't stay on the phone long enough to pick on her, but I will pick on her again, and her face bumps, and her bump Bermuda triangle, and her hole on her forehead, and her bad hair-day, and her tire-belly, and her big cheeks, and her chipmunk techniques

I'll try to have a nice day
Sunday, February 14th, 2010
10:33 am
Happy Valetines Day mother fuckers
Eric "Rage" Montgomery is starting to read this shit, and he requested an update

two weeks ago, just wasn't my week, my camcorder crapped out on me during the of the Rollin Hard Memorial Show, and I didn't have my backup camcorder, on the bright side, Cheryl and Joseph from Twelve Tone Films were filming that night too, so they finished the rest of the show that night, the next night at CCW was Jamie Dundee's first Legends Show at CCW, and that show took me about four tapes

Jamie McDaniel's out of the Safe-house and she quit the Blind Association, because she's in a long line of people that are wanting to beat the living fuck out of this one fat retarded bitch "I'm in that long line too, but she had to put up with that fat retarded bitch" she hasn't called me yet, if I don't get a call from her by April, I'll call her, besides, I'd rather have her out of my life for a while anyway, "I want that crush on her to fade away, I hate myself when I have a crush on a woman"

Misty Davis
Misty Davis
as you read on my last post, Misty was suppose to get out on New Year's Day, apparently, they bullshited more time on her, she's now on work release up in Vincennes, so she's not working at EAB anymore, I can't wait til she does get out, so I can pick on her again

even though I'm not a lover, there were times I was, and since today is Valentines day, I'd thought out show a few of my past crushes

Jolene Brittain
Jolene Brittain
this girl temporary went to Oak Hill Middle School, we never had any classes together, she did talk to me sometimes, I was wanting to ask her out, she's the first girl I had that intention on, she got transferred to another school before I had that chance, so I haven't seen her for 15 years, until I found her on myspace, we talked on the phone last week, it was so awesome to hear from her again

Jimmi Weed/Jones
Jimmi Weed/Jones
the only woman I ever dated, now and days, we're just friends, and I plan to stay that way, and for anybody that would want us to hook up again, I say Fuck You, because I fucked things up before, and I'll fuck them up again

Jessica Bogard
Jessica Bogard
not much to say about her, we went to North High School together, and I added her to my Facebook friends list week

Tina Hatfield/Baugh a/k/a The Ho
Tina Hatfield/Baugh
I've had the longest history with her than I had with any other woman, in our elementary days, we ridden the same bus, then we went to Oak Hill together in sixth grade, she transferred to another school in seventh in seventh grade, and then she came back to Oak Hill in the middle of eighth grade, then we went to North together, she came and went, but she ended up graduating at North, we went our own ways again for another three years, then we both lived with our friend Kaleb, along with our other friend Mark Bengert and her current husband Rob Baugh, a year later, she worked at EAB with me, then after she left, I haven't heard from her for two years, until our other co-worker Karen Whitlock given me her contact information, so I visit her on and off, ever once and a while at her and Robbs apartment

Felicia Earle "in front, I have no solo photo's of her"
Felicia Earle
she worked with me at the EAB a few years ago, and I came across her on myspace a few months back

other crushes not pictured: Jennifer Barr, Mandy Montgomery, Angie Schuster, Heather Ewin, April Ebrect, Jamie Light

I'll try to have a nice day
Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
12:46 am
2009 "one of the greatest years of my life"
2009 was an awesome year for me, besides my aunt being a back-stabbing bitch, but that bitch can go to hell for all I care, as far as I'm concern, that bitch is not apart of my family anymore, my dad maybe stupid enough to trust that bitch, but I'm not, this bitch has never worked in her entire fucking life, she had her business given to her on a silver platter, and that bitch is still getting money handed to her on a silver platter today, because my dad's a fucking dumbass, one moment that pissed me off most, just two and a half weeks after that bitch showed her true colors, I was heading back from XCW Ground Zero for the first time in my new car "that I bought from my sister for 1 dollar," the car breaks down on me on my way home, just three miles away from Jasper, my mom and stupid dad pick me up, my stupid dad tells me I need to quit this traveling, because he can't help out on car repairs, "but yet he gives that bitch money for useless shit on a silver platter" "and I thank mom for paying for the repairs" if my stupid dad really thinks that I'm going to quit this traveling, he can kiss my fucking ass, unlike that bitch, I work a job five days a week "40 hours at the most" and I have issues with people at that job, but I still show up, I worked for my business "1901 Productions" whenever I get it in business "and I thank mom for buying me my first camcorder" and I work this job just so I can be at XCW and all the other great wrestling shows that I work for, and I earn all that respect from all the people in the back "so far, what I've been told, Pothead John's the only one that shits on me in that locker-room," but I also appreciate the shit-on remarks, there were times I deserved them, and at work, I earn respect from most of my co-workers, even ones from the safe-house, and I'm not going to throw all that away, just because my dad is stupid and my aunt is the most selfish bitch I know

now for the good shit "even though I'm still an Outcast, no matter how you see me I still call myself an Outcast, I'm back to making friends again,
-I reunited with Kaleb/dip-shit, we're hanging out again, I hang out at his joint and watch movies and do comedy commentary "he hit me up on myspace one day, and I'm over all our issues we've had, and he was the only enemy I've gotten revenge on, I'm not going to let him in my joint, because he might want revenge for that revenge" but I welcome him back to the family
-Tina and Robb Baugh, I hung out with them again and I thought my joint was shitty, I hit both of them up on Facebook and added both of them to my friends
-Jimmi Weed/Jones, so far, I only added her to my friends list on Facebook
-Tim Phillips, Tim came to CCW one day, it was great to see him again
-Rico Johnson, we talk on myspace
-Ryan Kneer, we talk on Facebook
-AJ Matte, he's my co-worker again

new friends
-Jamie McDaniel a/k/a Crybaby Bitch, she works with me, I love this girl to death, I love being an asshole to her, she loves me more when I'm an asshole to her, she calls me her Big Teddy Bear, I like her singing, I always make fun of it and claims that she has the worst singing I've ever heard, she can't do buckets, she says she's a Crybaby Bitch, so that's why I call her that, she's serving her time at the safe-house til February 4th " >:o I have her on my mind 24/7"
-Misty Davis a/k/a Babygirl Chipmunk, she works with me, if you heard all the things I pick on Chuck Taylor about, you've heard nothing yet, I always pick on her about her big cheeks, a little hole on her forehead, bumps on her face "three of them form a triangle on her cheek, and I call it her bump-Bermuda-triangle, and I keep on teasing her about having a bad hair day, her along with one of her past in-mates "Chasity" call each other "Babygirl" and one day, she was asking me what this one guys name is, our maintenance guy "Rex" says that Chipmunks" are inquisitive creatures, so that's why I call her Babygirl Chipmunk, she got released from the safe-house yesterday
-Chuck Williams, Chasity's man, he's out of the safe-house
-Tom, one of Kaleb's friends
-Tasha, one of Tina's friends
-Yolanda a/k/a Yo Yo, she's almost my size, we challenged each other at work, especially at military pressing boxes over our heads, I miss her like hell, I think she's back in jail
-Fred, Mike a/k/a Hillbilly, Todd a/k/a Shorty, and Mario a/k/a Hero, four other co-workers from the safe-house

-in 2009, I finally get in CCW and XCW for free, I'm looking foreward to January 5th when XCW Mid-West comes to Clarksville on the first Tuesday of every month, and on February 11th we have the debut of Womens XCW a/k/a WXCW
-I'm finally making some DVDs for CCW, so this show should be picking up in 2010 "this is one of my New Years Resulotions"
-Rage told me that a promoter from Austin, Indiana is interested in booking 1901 Productions, this is the first time someone asked for 1901 Productions, so there could be a fifth/fourth "depending if both XCWs count as one or not" show under 1901 Productions
-I miss XCW Ground Zero, I got to leave town every week, it was fun as hell heading back from Memphis in those storms

another New Years Resolution in 2010 is to get some body-art, these are my ideas
-caveman clubs on both of my fore-arms, the club on my right arm with a two-of-clubs playing card on it
-an heart over my heart with Kill Me!!! written on it
-XCW Mid-West logo on my upper right arm
-RIP on my upper-back, and under the RIP will be the names of all my dead friends and family that I loved "I just need to remember everybody"
Sunday, October 11th, 2009
10:30 am
I hate to disapoint you Mark, but this is a bitching post
I'm probably not telling you anything that you don't already know, but I'm wanting to speak up on it

I don't know where to start on this so I guess I'll start with what went on in the past
"I'm not going to use any names, because one certain person out of this situation is working to get her life back together, and if that's the case I don't want to fuck that up for her, and if I say one name it'll give away who I'm talking about, and I'm not going to give full detail, because people can figure this out"

a few years ago, a man murdered three people and attempted to murder a fourth victim that survived the slaughter, this mans girlfriend at the time talked him into turning himself into the police, and for being aligned with him on all this, she was sentenced six years in prison, today she's on work release, working at my job, somehow her name got out all over the news, one of my friends at work "who's an inmate of the girlfriend" was telling me all about this "I never watch the news" and she assumes that the information came from a cop who talked to the girlfriend and another inmate/co-worker asking them if they had anything to do with a house burning down, and then asked them what they were in for, the girlfriend told the cop all the information and details about the murders that involved her, the cop probably gave out information either to the news or to the family of the three victims, either way it's the only explanation that my friend sees out of this, and she's pissed off about it because this was over three years ago, and people aren't letting it go "the families of the victims I can understand them not letting it go, but other people are sticking their nose in on her business" but for me, I work with her and I don't give a fuck that she assessed murder in the past, as long as she works a job that's good enough for me, and people say that she hasn't served her time "even though the sentence was for six years, I say three years is enough time served," and the fucking news reporters won't leave her the fuck alone, I don't know how I'll react to the reporters if I see this situation, I know I'll at least say "fuck off", because I don't give a fuck what happened, I wasn't there, so I'm not going to judge anybody or anything

I guess that's all I have to say
I'll try to have a nice day
Friday, October 2nd, 2009
10:07 am
could today get any better???
for the past few months, my mom's been living next door to these two scumbags/well-fair feeding hypocrites that don't do shit, "there not worth mentioning, and they're not going to be famous out of my expense, so I'll call them Fat Disgusting Slob and Retarded Bimbo" my mom called the cops on Fat Disgusting Slob for beating up Retarded Bimbo, Retarded Bimbo makes pathetic excuses for Fat Disgusting Slob, Retarded Bimbo always started whining like a bitch on that God-damn cell-phone while my mom was trying to sleep, they kept on slamming that damn door, Fat Disgusting Slob threatened to punch my mom "if I ever see him do it, I'll kill him" our idiot land-lord at the time didn't do shit about it, a stupid judge takes their side

but now we have a real land-lord "Kim" that took over within the last two weeks and right away she caught these scumbags in on the act, she tells my mom to call her if these two scumbags start anymore shit, later that night, they start their shit again, so my mom called Kim "she lives in the next complex over" Kim came right on over and evicted their asses, they had 30 days to get out, just about an hour ago, they started more shit, and Kim caught them again and told them they're out of here tonight or she'll send the cops on them, so hell yeah, I like Spring Valley Apartments again, we finally have a real land-lord again that's not going to take sides

I am having a nice day
Saturday, August 29th, 2009
8:52 am
Life is fun, Live it, Learn it, Love it, Lee's got it
the subject I have written above is something I always remind myself to motivate me to not give up working my ass off, and to remind me that I'm better then all those well-fair feeding hypocrites that claim to be homeless and hungry and standing on a street curb when they're really living in a more expensive home than I'm living in, and they're feeding off of my tax dollars and tax dollars of all the other hard workers, and the state of Indiana are fucking retards for continuing to support them, now they got to stick their nose in what I love in life "wrestling" and sometime down the road, Wrestlers and Promotors will have to get a license, and a source mentioned that there will a police officer at each show collecting a certain percentage of cash from the promotors, it fucked me off the moment I've read that, because the Goddamn government are a bunch of retards to give money to a bunch of well-fair feeding hypocrites that are never going to help themselves to get a life, not even trying to get a job, they're just going to continue to feed off of us hard workers, and if I find one of these well-fair feeding hypocrites and find out they purposely have no job, I'll kick their Goddamn ass, but I remind myself that I'm better than them, I got a life,
living it: I work a job that I hardly like, but I've been there for almost seven years working my Goddamn ass off
learning it: I'm 28 years old, and I'm still learning shit, and it's great as hell
loving it: all the work I'm doing may not get me better cash, but it does pay off, it gets me a lot of respect from other hard workers, and they're like my second family
I got it: I couldn't ask for a better life, I'm proud to be a tax payer, because it shows I'm better

so to any well-fair feeding hypocrite that purposely feed off of my tax dollars, I've worked a shitty job for almost seven years as of October 2nd, I work as a part of ring crew for independent wrestling shows, and film Coliseum Championship Wrestling, XCW Mid-West, and Tom Van Zant's New Era Wrestling, and help put these shows on DVD, worked gimmick tables for OMG, Dave Crist, Drake Younger, Dustin Lee, Rodney Rush, Dustin Rayz, Aaron Williams, BLK/OUT's own Ruckus, Mike Quackenbush, and many others, I worked for a pizza joint "Gary and Maria Gagliardi's Pizzeria" and they hired me because I earned their trust, and I was one of their best costumers, I washed dishes and mopped floors for them, worked for them until they closed six weeks later in Evansville, trained for wrestling for eight months, and before all that I worked for Goodwill Industries for a year and a half, and I was thE best worker on the loading dock
so well-fair feeding hypocrites, what have you done that's so impressive?

now onto other subjects

my tribute to
IWA was the third Independent I got hooked on, I thank them for all the great wrestling matches I've seen from them, and Smart Mark Video for filming them, and watching their product on video made me feel like I was actually at the show when I wasn't there, and they paved the way for me and my camera work and it's thanks to IWA for me to see the products from Smart Mark Video, and because of them I got to meet Billy Gunn, Jamie Noble, Chris Candido, The Barbarian, Axl Rotten, and Jerry Lynn "the first of three times I've met him," and I got to see Arik Cannon, Danny Daniels, Alex Shelley, Nigel McGuinness, CHIKARA guys, Josh Abercrombie, Trik Davis, BJ Whitmer, Brad Bradly, Ryan Boz, Shane Hagadorn, Matt Turner, Evan Starsmor, Davey Andrews, Anthony Franco, B-Boy, Steve Stone, Homicide, Evan Bourne, Delirious, Ray Gordy, Colt Cabana, Daizee Hayze, MsChif, Cheerleader Melissa, Rain, Lacey, Sara Del Ray, Mickie Knuckles, Mitch Page, Tank, Derange, Iceberg, Insane Lane, Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, and The Thomasilli brothers for the first time ever and the IWA ring was the first I've ever taken down
thanks a lot to Ian Rotten, Patti, Jim Fannin, and everyone else that were involved in IWA Mid-South, death at unlucky 13 years
"well-fair feeding hypocrites, what have you done??"

XCW Ground Zero it's last show was two weeks ago, so that's another show that bit the dust, now I can say that there's an out of town show I've never missed, I've been there from the beginning to the end, I traveled to Memphis Indiana for this show almost every Sunday from when it debuted on March 8th "The only episode of Ground Zero I didn't film," I came up to this show every Sunday, "besides Easter and Mother's Day because their was no show" then as of June they cut back to the first and third Sunday of every month, and then August 2nd was the final show
"I've made it to all those shows, well-fair feeding hypocrites, what have you done???"

lastnight, XCW Mid-West was in Jasper for the third time, after the show, while the trainees were taking down the ring, I was at first the only worker putting the chairs away, until Richard Daniels' "his CCW stage name" woman April started helping me out, then the new referee joined in, then later on I was getting ready to get one of the ring-post's, Mitch told to get the ring-mats first, so I let go of that ring-post, and seen getting ready to fall the other way, so I hurried up and grabbed that fucker before it damaged the floor and it pulled me down to the Goddamn floor causing me to scrape my Goddamn knee, Mitch told me that he never seen anybody jump for a ring-post like that before
"well-fair feeding hypocrites, what have you done????"

so to all the well-fair feeding hypocrites that stand on street curbs holding up homeless/hungry signs, and/or getting well-fair checks and not working a Goddamn job "rather you like it or not, I don't like mine, but I still work for it,because of the hours" I'm still living and I'm still working, and I earn all kinds of respect out of this, I don't say "Kill Me!!!" out of being miserable, I say it because I survived everything I've been through and I remind myself about it "I'm Still Living"

Life is fun, Live it, Learn it, Love it, and unlike well-fair feeding hypocrites, Lee's got it

RIP to IWA Mid-South and XCW Ground Zero
and I'll try to have a nice day
Monday, August 17th, 2009
6:36 pm
I said I'll update this week, and I'll try to live up to my word as much as possible
-woke up
-went to Wendy's
-went home and ate
-watched Friday The 13th remake
-headed to the Saint Paul Gym for New Era Wrestling "finally had some Don's Pizza & Pasta pizza again :-),
THE NEW DONS PIZZA LOGO....I missed that shit"
-helped clean the Gym and take down the ring
-headed out
-filled up the car in Shelbyville
-attempted to stay at Days Inn in Seymor "the manager wouldn't let use my mom's card"

-attempted to sleep at the Rest Area along I-65 "took that advice from Rick" "couldn't sleep"
-so I decided to go back home "Mitch didn't expect me to be there til bell time anyway, and the ring was probably already up anyway, and that'd be the only thing I'd be doing in the next 15 hours"
-went home
-went to sleep
-woke up
-watched my new Dylan Bostic DVD "a young talent in NEW"
-went to McDonalds
-went home and ate
-headed up to Memphis Indiana/Flea Market
-filmed XCW Ground Zero
-put away the chairs "we didn't take the ring down :-( "
-headed out
-stopped at Jay C's to get some drinks and lunch meat
-filled up the car
-got home
-watched Family Guy and Robot Chicken
-past out

I'm starting to think about trying out for referee "no referee's at CCW nor Ground Zero this week" so Pothead was referee at CCW since there was no Dave Matthews or Jeff Lucerne, and one of the trainee's worked as the ref for Ground Zero "and this guy didn't have a stripe shirt for the job" since there was no Ollie Tharp

-Tom Van Zant and Big Jon Wall are the new tag team champions
-Chris Ikon has this new gimmick as a heel, he comes in the match with this white mask on
that cesspool it becomes youjust north of the eyebrows
he gets people to join him by giving them the mask and they put the mask on to make the recruit official, this month he recruited Pastor Pain "I just had the feeling that Damian Cole would be his first victim under this character"
Friday, August 14th, 2009
5:35 pm
my third update this year
I was going to update last week, but I forgot my goddamn password, so I had to get it changed, Maniwa requested an update on here, and there's alot of shit I wanted to talk about on here, but every time I get on the internet, my mind goes blank, I opened up a photobucket account so I'll have some pictures posted on here ever once in a while

even though he died a month or two ago, I was wanting to pay my disrespects to
Micheal Jacks-On

this is something I thought of last night, as I seen this picture and thought about the fact that it is made of plastic
so here's what Micheal looks like now
recycle container
and here's a picture of his casket
recycle container

I left that comment on the that picture of him off the myspace account of
wrestling promo FOR SALE PEOPLE. as he pays his disrespects

people can go ahead and shit on me about that, I don't give a damn, I shit on people that disrespected

Chris Beniot

since I'm on the subject of wrestling

it's great to see the returns of
Out with the old, In with the N.E.W.

even though the A now stands for Alternative instead of All-American it's still great to be back around Shelbyville and Fort Branch again

NEW made it's return on 4th of July since October 2007 at the Waldron Indiana Fire Department and I filmed for them that night, so that's another show under 1901 Productions "since it's just me, that's the name I came up with for my filming business", as soon as I get a paypal account open, I'll be all set

anyway, I'm going to film for NEW again tomorrow in St. Paul Indiana
NEW in St. Paul Indiana 08/15/09
the next night, back to Memphis Indiana for
XCW Ground Zero flyer

so I'm living my dream now, I'm working for wrestling shows "positions didn't matter to me, rather I was wrestler, referee, security guard, manager, ring announcer, commentary, but I settled for ring-crew and camera guy and sometimes gimmick table worker" I prefer to be one of the guys that nobody gives a fuck about
I spent the night at Mitch Ryder's house on two occasions, I traveled with some people in the business "Scotty Vortekz, OMG, Drake Younger, CCW Security Guard Paul, Ricky "Mitch's friend" just to name a few" even though I do the driving, and just like Tommy Dreamer, I get stuff animals out of claw machines "whenever I have quarters" and pile them on the dashboard when I drive back to Evansville

I'll update more next week, and I'll try to have a nice day
Monday, April 13th, 2009
4:29 pm
Writer's Block: Seven Days
Which day of the week do you least look forward to? And which one do you most anticipate?

least: Monday, because that's when I go back to work and deal with some ballless dickhead and some whiny bitch that kiss the boss's ass too much "I'm not saying thier names, because they are thE scum of the Earth and ain't worth talkin about"

most: Sunday, XCW Ground Zero's every Sunday, gives me a good reason to leave Evansville

-Grampa/Gene Richardson "he died on Wednesday at 2:30 pm"
Sunday, February 15th, 2009
11:01 am
an update "for once"
first of all, I want to say Rest In Peace to Rollin Hard
my fourth friend to kick it in this business

XCW Mid-West
-we had the first Memorial Show for Rollin Hard this month
-Drake Younger made his debut at this show, he's the first wrestler I've seen live at all for of my main shows that I know of, "I heard Irish Airborne were in CCW, but I don't recall if I seen them live or not"
-Kickboxer was there, and I got a picture with him and Mitch, I was wanting to get Chris Champion in that picture, but I couldn't get all three of them together, this was something I regret not doing at the second XCW Mid-West event when Hero and Wolf were there
-I missed the second event in Corydon, the transmission went out on my car the day before, because God is too much of a pussy, what piss' me off big time about this is that I film the shows in Corydon, so what ever happen at this show, I'll never know, because of God's pussy ego
-I spilled gasoline on my Goddamn shoes right before I got to the Armory for the Memorial show

-at last I got a mini DV camcorder, I'm now filming all the CCW shows, and as I said above, XCW Mid-West in Corydon IN., as soon as I get the computer equipment I need, 1901 Productions will be in business

-after 3 and a half years, I finally miss an IPW at the Fountain Square Salvation Army, since CCW booked Valentine's Day Massacre on the same night

-for the first time since December 22nd 2001, I finally watched another movie in the theaters as last Friday "the 13th" I watched Friday The 13th "the other 11 Jason movies were better" but it did make me laugh, especially when that one guy that makes the house rules screams like a girl when he was trying to start up the police car when that woman he just got through fucking lands on the car
-then last night, I was going to watch My Bloody Valentine and The Wrestler, but both of them were starting an hour later, so instead, I watched The Uninvited, it was a cool movie

things I've learned from South Park
-before illegally shooting an animal, you gotta yell "it's coming right for us"
-Canadian babies look a lot like table bases, trashcans, and footballs
-when you don't want to get caught for taking a shit in a urinal, just hire George Bush to cover it up with the 9 11 incident!
-Kathy Lee Gifford's is some kind of Alien
-Dawson Creek trapper keepers are going to take over the world
-Mel Gibson thinks he's Daffy Duck
-there's an award for The Biggest Douche in The Universe
-Cows worship a Cow clock
-Cows commit suicide when you take away the cow clock
-a little white kid can be transformed into a tall black kid
-just because you look like a basketball player, doesn't mean that you can play basketball
-when a man gets a sex change, his balls can be a substitute for kneecaps, while his dick can be a substitute for a dolphin fin
-humans can be transformed into dolphins
-elections are always between a douche and a turd
-Bin Ladin's dick is so little, you need ten magnifying glasses to see it
-Hell going to take over Earth when Terrence and Phillip die
-Randy Marsh is dumbest South Park resident
-Turkey's are vicious killers
-there are a lot of Marlon Brando look alikes
-clones are rejects when they have only one ass
-everybody that voted last year ended up in the hospital, Obama supporters by partying too hard, and McCain supporters for suicide attempts
-Cartman's mom fucked everybody
-Cartman's mom is on the cover of Crack-Whore magazines
-in order to stop a zombie invasion, you must kill the original zombie for the other zombies to turn back to normal
-God looks different than I expected
-Ben Aflick sleeps naked with a hand that pretends to be Jennifer Lopez over the real Jennifer Lopez
-the Offspring of a pig and an elephant looks like Mr. Garrison
-elephants got to ride the special-ed bus
-don't ever make Eric Cartman sing "I'm a little piggie"
-an eye-chart can say "I M A LITTLE PIGGIE"
-Ghost of South Park always look like KKK
-in order to put Wal Mart out of business, you must shatter a mirror in the TV compartment
-the first thing people do after they die is shit their pants
-when your bus driver hears you call her a bitch, just say you said a sentence that rhymes
-the bus driver code is: SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP
-tell the children that a big scary monster will them if they get off the bus
-in order to stop a giant stone Abraham Lincoln, you must build a giant stone John Wilkes Booth
-even the son of Satin gets picked on in school
-Satin looses a fight because he bets his money on the other guy
-people can get high on cat piss
-Eric Cartman is cancer
-you can get sired at a Hot Topic store
-in order to destroy vampires, you must burn down Hot Topic stores
-homeless people are like zombies "except they're more than just stupid"
-in order to stop a hippie invasion is to replace their music with a Slayer CD
-the statue of the Virgin Mary having her period is not a miracle
-whales are from the moon
-robots don't fart
-Woodland Christmas Critters are really devil worshipers "I knew there was something creepy about them"
-just because you jump off the roof of a house, cops will think that you're psychic
-Earth is really a reality show
-Raiders Of The Lost Ark remake sucks
-Steven Spielberg and George Lucas rape their products
-some people have butts for a face
-Satin and Saddam Hussein are lovers
-Saddam Hussein can build weapons of mass-destruction in Heaven without God knowing it
-Japanese are against Americans because Americans have bigger penis'
-Americans are stupid enough to get distracted by that statement
-hook on phonics comes with a monkey that plays drums
-gnomes come to steal underpants
-Barbara Streisand is a bitch that becomes a mega-bitch
Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
5:53 am
douche vs. turd tonight
so tonight, we have another election battle between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwish

Giant Douche
- he's bald like a douche
- he kiss' not kick, but kiss' ass "especially to another Douche named George"

Turd Sandwish
- he's a piece of crap
- he and a piece of crap are the same colour, I can't tell the diffence

I'd vote for the Giant Douche

I'm not going to vote, I'm doing something better tonight, I'm going to XCW Mid-West to a good wrestling show, as we kick off the first round of the XCW Mid-West Title Tournament, and next month "even though I don't care for him" Jerry "The King" Lawler makes his return, hopefully, Dave Crist will be there tonight, I love to hate him, he and Jake got themselves suspended from IPW last Saturday

-George Lucas and Steven Spellberg raping Indiana Jones, and Butters shooting guys in there dicks, that's the funniest episode yet

I'll try to have a nice day
Saturday, May 31st, 2008
12:59 pm
Maniwa requested an update, "becareful what you wish for!, you might get too much of it"
Rest In Peace Botch


I would've been at your funeral today, but I don't think I have enough gas cash to get there and back, and for the fact that XCW Mid-West is this Tuesday so that's more fucking gas to waste my money on


and speaking of the fucking bullshit gas prices that that ball-less son of a bitch George W. Douche is making us live off of just to drive, I finally got a bicycle so I'm going to ride that fucker to work everyday I can, so for the month of June only a trip to New Albany and Indianapolis are all I really need to worry about on gas as long as it doesn't rain all fucking day, I ridden it to work last Monday just to see how long it'd take, and when I was half way on my way home it started pouring down raining like fuck right after I cross Highway 41, so I kind of sheltered under the roof of some trophy store along Morgan Ave. and then walk through some of the rain and then under the roof of the place that used to be Wesselmans grocery store which was also an Antique store at the end of last year, and then ridden down Oak Hill with no place to shelter except for the place that used to be Zeidlers flower shop, and I finally got to Lynch Rd. and ridden down to Green River Rd. and got back to the fucking complex all soaked as hell

I may be pissed off about that, but one thing that didn't piss me off is knowing that I'm better than George Bush

that's my newest catch phrase, "I'm better than George Bush", unlike him, I work my fucking ass off 5 days a week and 8 and a half hours a day, while that son of a bitch sits on a fucking throne, call it whining all you want but it's also bragging

what does Kill Me!!! mean???
some people think they know how I came up with "Kill Me!!!," they think I got it from South Park, the only phrase I stole from South Park was Cartman's "screw you guys, I'm going home", the truth is, I sort of got it from Rick Steiner when he used to say "if you don't like me, Bite Me" so I came up with my own saying "if you don't like me, Kill Me" and then I stopped saying it for a few years and about 5 years ago some of my co-workers were just saying hi to me, but I didn't want anybody talking to me and I felt like saying "Fuck You", but I didn't want to get fired so I just said "Kill Me" instead, then I stopped being miserable and one of my co-workers liked the Kill Me!!! saying, so I started saying it again and it's permanent now, then three years ago I added a new meaning to the words and that's the fact that I work my ass off even if it kills me
so Kill Me!!! means the fallowing when I say it
-Fuck You
-Bite Me
-thank you
-you're welcome
-and the fact that I work my fucking ass off

unfortunately, I'm going to miss this show for the first time ever when there's going to be a show the night after the Anniversary Show, it sucks like hell, but there's only one of me, so I have to make choices

I sort of got back in the ring that night, Scotty Vortekz was wanting to chop Anfguy or IPW Joe and they both backed down, and I told him I'd take a chop, he wouldn't give me a chop, so later on, Drake Younger asked me I'd work his gimmick table "I hate that job, but I went ahead and said I'd do it" and then I thought and said only if Scotty gives me a chop, so Drake told me get in the ring then gave a chop "which wasn't a part of the deal, but I didn't care", then Scotty gave me a chop, and then Drake chopped me again and then I just fell to the mat and got out of the ring, Dave Christ was wanting to give me a chop too, but three chops from those two fuckers were enough for me for one day

ain't coming on for a while due to problems with the venue

I don't have a mini DV player yet, but business is picking up as we now have Davey Richards, Dingo, and the team of Full Throttle "Brandon Marino and Aaron Scott" working for us

I'll try to have a nice day
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